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Project 71


Project 71 is a small support group for WW2 Veterans based on the South Coast. We are not a huge group, we do not have celebrities supporting us and we don't have thousand of pounds in the bank, but with the support of the public we have achieved so much. This is just a few of our achievements in the past few years.

  • We have unblocked the system and got the Veterans Legion d'honneur awarded to them when they were seemingly lost in administration.
  • We arranged a dinner for British and US Veterans and their families at Southwick House for the 75th anniversary of D Day.
  • We arrange birthday parties and days out for our veterans
  • We have supplied food packs throughout the Corona virus lock down to all our veterans that needed help
  • We make home and hospital visits and do their shopping if they are alone. 
  • We have an annual reunion where they can bring their families to meet the team.
  • We are now rolling out iPads and training so they can keep in touch with their families easier. 
  • We provide mobility scooters so they can retain their independence. 
  • We placed a bench on the banks of the Rijn and a plaque and bench at the Zig Canal in the Netherlands in memory of two of our veterans that were part of Operation Market Garden
  • We have sponsored over 50 name bricks on the Normandy Wall at the D Day Museum is Southsea for the Normandy Veterans
  • All the above is achieved by sponsorship and donations to enable the veterans to have what they have described as the most wonderful "final chapter". The sad thing is that we are now running out of funds and urgently need to replenish the coffers so we can carry on doing what we do for as long as we need to do it.

Please consider a small donation to help us support our veterans. Its the least we can do.