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We are not a huge charity, we do not have celebrities supporting us and we don't have thousand of pounds in the bank, but with the support of the public we have achieved so much. This is just a few of our achievements in the past three years.

  • We have unblocked the system and got the Veterans Legion d'honneur awarded to them when they were seemingly lost in administration.
  • Arranged a D Day Dinner for the 70th Anniversary for 35 Veterans and their families.
  • When one of our boys needed to go on to oxygen at home we fixed his electrical problems so he would not have power cuts in the night.
  • We make home and hospital visits and do their shopping if they are alone. Some of them have even come to rely on us.
  • We take the boys away twice a year to Europe to the places that are important to them and to pay their respects to the fallen.
  • We give them all a birthday cake.
  • We have an annual reunion where they can bring their families to meet the team.

And who are the team? A group of 20 volunteers who give their time happily and freely to support these remarkable men. Men that have been through hell to give us what we have today. In many cases our veterans have not spoken about the war and their part in it to even their families, these gentlemen are now beginning to tell their stories.
All the above is achieved by sponsorship and donations to enable the veterans to have what they have described as the most wonderful "final chapter".
The sad thing is that we are now running out of funds and urgently need to replenish the coffers so we can carry on doing what we do for as long as we need to do it.
If you would like to help us continue into 2018 would you please consider a small donation to help us help them?
We are a not for profit organisation, our drivers never ask for fuel money, nobody gets paid, every single penny raised goes to support our veterans.

You can donate by clicking on the donate button at the topof the page. . Thank you.

Oosterbeek Cemetery 2017. This gentlemen knelt before every veteran and thanked them for there service. A very emotional moment.

Project 71 is run by volunteers and is a strictly not for profit organisation. Every penny raised go towards supporting our veterans.




We are delighted to announce our new

partner for 2018.

Award winning Aviation and Military Artist

Matt Holness will be sponsoring Project 71 for the next year. You can see his fabulous artwork by clicking on the image above. He has also donated three items for our auction at beaulieu which you can see here.

Thank you Matt

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In support of SSAFA

At the going down of the sun.

Project 71