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Stomping the Yomp Team

​Manny, Jumper, Cheesy and Alfred

Manny, originally from Belfast. Joined the RN, Fleet Air Arm in 1989 after spending his first 20 years of life growing up in Northern Ireland.
First draft was to 899/801 Sea Harrier squadron where he first met Cheesy and Jumper. Then, a quick draft saw him relocate to Culdrose to work on Sea Kings on 814 squadron.
In 1995 he trained for and supported the prestigious Royal Navy Field Gun Tournament at Earls Court then went on to represent the RN at the International Skill at Arms at Bisley for several years. 
He left in 2002 as a Leading Aircraft Mechanic Electrical and continues to work on aircraft. In recent years he has worked on UAV's most notably Mark Zuckerbergs Aquila project for Facebook. 
In 2015, he had the idea of taking on the Commando Spirit challenge, requiring a team to cover 30 miles in 8 hours. Unfortunately he suffered a minor stroke and this put things on hold. 2 years ago, Cheesy and Jumper approached him to see if he was up to the challenge again, but this time they would do it on their own. 
This is how Stomping The Yomp came to be..

Jumper joined the Royal Navy in 1989, met Cheesy and Manny at RNAS Yeovilton whilst working on Harrier Jump Jets, after a few trips out to the US and various other places decided to transfer to the Royal Marines and started RM Commando training in 1994. After recruit training was drafted to 40 Commando Royal Marines and undertook tour of duty in Northern Ireland and was part of the RN amphibious carried support group supporting the Hong Kong handover to China.  Was then drafted to RM Poole as part of SBS signals troop where he undertook a  tour of Kosovo in support of NATO operations.  Jumper left the service in 2000 to pursue a career in civvy street, but struggles to integrate...

Cheesy grew up (literally) on the river Thames, a little west of London, so joining the Navy was inevitable. 
He met Manny and Jumper after arriving at Yeovilton in 1990. He joined HMS Ark Royal and spent a couple of years sailing some of the seven seas. This included trips around the UK, Europe and the US, followed by two tours in the Adriatic in support of NATO operations in former Yugoslavia. After three years ashore Cheesy decided the time was right to hit civvie street. Since leaving Cheesy has worked with the US Air Force and US Army through Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. 
Since returning to be based in the UK Cheesy begun volunteering with Blind Veterans UK, where he started getting back into hiking (which seems to have evolved into Yomping!)
During the pandemic he also volunteered with RE:ACT Disaster Response, deploying with teams of veterans to support Local Resilience Forums in Bedfordshire, Hampshire, Sussex and Surrey.

Alfred. After leaving school served in the Forces from 1980 as a Private to 2020, finally  leaving the Infantry as a Major and Quartermaster for a Unit in Wiltshire. He settled in Somerset and loves the West Country. He likes wood turning and restoration and plays mixed abilities rugby for a local club and loves anything with a bit of adventure.