Andy Bramley.

Normandy, Arnhem, Bastogne and everywhere in between! He joined the armed forces at the age of 18 and became a dispatch rider.  He remembers how he rode up and down the coastal area around the town of Cruelly in Basse-Normandie in France.
One of the journalists he met in the war was BBC reporter and former Southern Daily Echo reporter Richard Dimbleby, who was stationed at Cruelly after the D-Day landings.
Mr Bramley had several close calls with death when he served. On the third day of the Allied invasion, the road he was driving on was bombarded and a shell knocked him off his bike. Other close calls saw him almost drowned as he crossed the Waal river on a pontoon, when his bike was tipped into the river.

In Holland in 1944, he was following a staff car in front of him which hit a landmine and the impact blew him off his machine.  When he reported back, his adjutant told him they had already telegrammed his wife that he was dead, he returned back to Hampshire, where he was living in Wickham four days after she received the telegram - much to her surprise.
After the war he worked as a lorry driver for Meon Valley Timber Company and he has been married to his wife Iris for 24 years.

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